In 1758, Cox and Kings became the first travel agency in modern history. [29] [30] Travel agencies often receive commissions and other benefits and incentives from suppliers, or may collect royalties from end-users. [1] Hotel owners and tour operators generally pay a higher commission rate to travel agencies, while airlines generally pay a low commission. [2] As a general rule, the client is not informed of the travel agency`s remuneration in commissions and other benefits. [3] A 2016 survey of 1,193 travel agencies in the United States showed that, on average, 78% of their revenues came from commissions and 22% from fees. In 1951, the forerunner of Helloworld Travel became one of the first travel agencies in Australia. If the terms of this agreement are violated, the responding party has the option of terminating the contract. In 1905, Nippon Travel Agency became the first travel agency in Japan. [38] The travel agency will offer the aforementioned services and accommodations to business and consumer-friendly customers, in accordance with the terms of this travel agency contract. In return, the company agrees to pay the travel agency`s commissions on the basis of actual sales. The travel agency should maintain in good condition all materials and real estate included in this travel agency contract. At the company`s request, the travel agency presents proof of insurance for each month during the duration of this travel agency contract.

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During the Cold War, travel agencies were used by people from Western countries to travel behind the Iron Curtain. [40] The company provides the Agency with a non-exclusive licence to provide the company`s services and accommodations for vacation and travel packages. In many countries, all travel agencies must be licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). [25] Many are also linked and represented by IATA, and for those who issue air tickets, the Air Travel Organisers ` Licensing (ATOL) in the United Kingdom and the De Reporting Corporation in the United States also serve these purposes. [26] ABTA – The Travel Association and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) represent travel agencies in the United Kingdom and the United States. [27] In 1929, Intourist was founded as the official travel agency of the Soviet Union, with the aim of persuading foreigners to visit the country. [39] Third parties to this agreement must be included