We agree that supervision is a forum used by supervisory authorities to reflect on all aspects of their clinical activities, where they receive formal and informal feedback on this work and where the safety and well-being of clients and the quality of service they receive are essential. This is a supervisory contract between Claire McCluskey and – Supervision will continue its professional development and supervise. Any party (adviser or supervisor) can at any time initiate a discussion about renegotiating the contract or part of it. This is done in advance, so preparation time is available. At an agreed time at the end of each monitoring meeting. We have agreed that as a supervisor, I will assume responsibility for the process: Signed – Formal evaluations will take place at the end of the year or at the request of supervision or supervision. . We have agreed that the following agreements will be concluded in the following situations: the criteria on which the evaluation of the supervisors will take place at the end of this contract. By – We agree on the following guidelines/rules will guide our common time.