d. Customer data. You are solely responsible for the content of all customer data. You safeguard and retain all customer data rights that are necessary to provide online services for you, without infringing on the rights of third parties or coercing Microsoft to you or others. Microsoft does not accept any obligation regarding customer data or the use of your product, except under this contract or in accordance with applicable legislation. The information contained in the various agreements varies, but generally speaking, the following information is contained in a reference contract: a reference contract is an agreement between a company and an investor that sets the price and conditions for acquiring shares in the company. v. Suspension. We may suspend your use of online services if: (1) it is reasonably necessary to prevent unauthorized access to customer data; 2. They do not respond, within a reasonable time, to an allegation of section 5 violation; 3.

They do not pay the amounts due under this contract; 4. You do not comply with the terms of use or violate other terms of this Agreement; or (5) for limited offers, the subscription becomes inactive if you do not have access to online services, as described in the details of the offer. If one or more of these conditions occur, then: f. No agency. This agreement does not create an agency, partnership or joint venture. 3.2 Cancellation. Each party may choose to terminate your account and subscription for a service at the end of your current subscription period by providing a notification no later than thirty (30) days before the end of this subscription period, in accordance with this Agreement. f. taxes. Prices are tax-free, unless the invoice indicates other than the tax included. You must pay all applicable capital gains, goods and services, sales, gross receipts or other transaction taxes, fees, fees or surcharges, or any regulatory cost recovery surcharge or similar amount due under this Agreement that we are entitled to obtain from you.

You are responsible for all applicable stamp duty and all other taxes that you are legally required to pay, including all taxes related to the distribution or supply of products to your related businesses.