Members of Willow Place – Local 160, which provides Manitoba with vital services and support to women and children in managing domestic violence and abuse, last week ratified a new two-year agreement. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cover Manitoba, the situation of health facility staff has become critical. The MGEU and the Provincial Industrial Relations Secretariat (PHLRS) are in talks to revise the COVID Memorandum of Understanding signed last spring to support members who are affected by staff shortages. In the meantime, we have agreed on additional compensation for the HCAs concerned. They will still be represented by OE987 until the official act is passed; the date has yet to be set by the Commissioner. You will receive more information as soon as it is made available to us. Finally, you will be under your current OE987 collective agreement until a new agreement is negotiated by your successor. This means that the unsuccessful union remains responsible for representing its members until a new certificate is issued. The workers remain members and pay for this union. During this period, it should be on the part of the union with regard to their representation as usual, including, but not only participation in complaint hearings and the handling of disciplinary measures, return to working protocols, health and safety issues, etc. Members of Australian Lab Services – 166 locals that provide environmental testing services, including expert analyses of air, soil, sediment and water, yesterday ratified a new four-year agreement. The MGEU has approved a further extension of the premium interim agreement for reassignment/redistribution. The temporary agreement with the National Secretariat for Labour Relations (PHLRS) provides additional compensation for medical personnel disrupted by understaffing.

It was supposed to be in effect until 27 November, but has been extended until 4 December 2020, while PHLRS, employers and trade unions are working on the revision of the REEdeployment MOA. “I reacted as most Manitobans reacted to this blatant violation of public health rules and the harassment of those charged with enforcing these rules: I was shocked, angry and deeply upset by this selfish and dangerous behaviour. Last week, the MGEU Health Officer (HCA) announced that the union and the National Secretariat for Labour Relations (PHLRS) had reached a temporary agreement to help members who were disrupted by a shortage of staff. The agreement was put into effect to allow time to negotiate revisions to the COVID Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) signed last spring. The temporary agreement was supposed to be in effect until November 20, but it has been extended until November 27, 2020, as we work on the revision of the MOA Redeployment.