PandaTip: A subscription contract is what you use to get investor payments in exchange for your company`s equity. It was preceded by a private offer memorandum containing the document containing specific details on the amount of equity you offer and the price tag of that equity, in addition to business information, a list of risks and a series of liability exclusions. A subscription contract refers to the private offer memorandum and ensures that the investor has read, understands and recognizes everything. This agreement applies in the event that a company wishes to issue shares to a new investor. It defines the investment mechanisms and guarantees to be provided by the company. It is a simple subscription contract that is intended to be used when a company accepts the capital of friends and investors in family seeds. It provides for investments in common shares in an unconditional tranche. The assurances and guarantees provided in this Agreement are accurate and true at the time of this Contract and will continue to be correct and true from the date of payment of the Subscriber to the Company, after acceptance of the subscription of the Subscriber by the Company. The assurances and guarantees provided are true and correct at the time of this period and must be true and correct from the date of payment of the Subscriber to the Company until the acceptance of the subscription of the Subscriber.

If the insurance and guarantees provided by the subscriber are not true or correct before the Company accepts this subscription contract, the Subscriber will immediately notify the Company in writing. Download the subscription contract model 3.1 Refusal: the company cannot accept the subscriber`s subscription at any time before the conclusion. If the company does not accept all or part of the subscription, the company will refund all of the money to the subscriber in connection with the refusal. PandaTip: The Private Offer Memorandum, referred to in this agreement, will contain details on how the above investment dollars (in i) are equated with the percentage of the individual investor in the LLC. Whether you are a private investor or a company investing in another, a subscription contract describes the details of the transaction, including the price and agreed amount of the shares. If you are the investor, you can protect yourself from the fact that companies are changing the terms of the agreement. If your company sells shares or shares, you don`t want an investor to change their mind at the last minute. A subscription contract can help you turn a promise into a real transaction. After the submission after its creation, the Company must take steps to have the investor`s name registered in the company`s membership register (if the investor is not already a member of the company).