The Honors College Capstone Agreement Form is required for every student enrolled in HON 322. It is the first (#1) of a series of 4 forms related to the cover stone. This is the form of an honorary corporate agreement (above) and must be completed at the beginning of the semester when a student begins working on the Capstone project. After the Capstone agreement form has been submitted by the HARS student, the project manager is notified for electronic approval within one business day. Only after the project has been approved by the project manager is the Fellow notified for electronic approval. The form should be prepared in HARS before the end of the third week of the semester. Log in to the Fee Information System to generate and print your Capstone contract form. The contract termination form must be submitted to Honors College if you decide to terminate your contract before the expiry of the contract certification forms. Civil service (E-form) – You can change your public utility hours during the semester. Once you`ve submitted it, save the email you receive with your tracking link to the edition. If you lose this email address, contact A student can be taken into account a maximum of two contracts on his higher fees.

Students who find that they need more than two contracts should petition for additional contracts at the honorary office. For more information, see a guide. The consultation form must be completed prior to the visit of an honorary university council. For more information, see the facts. Note: If none of the application or certification forms are filed, the student does not receive a fee credit for a course contract. Due to current Covid-19 concerns and the safety of our students and employees, Honors College forms will primarily accept electronically. Honorary students can find these electronic forms by signing up for their black card and finding the online forms link in the Honors College – Digital tab on the Honors College organization page. Other documents can also be filled in, scanned and emailed to HONORS@SHSU.EDU. Course contract proposal (electronic form) – It is very important that you check all the completed information, especially your email address and your teacher`s email address. If one of these two is entered incorrectly, you will not receive any updates to your contractual status and your teacher will not be able to continue. Contact Honors College ( immediately if you have provided false information.

The Honors College Capstone Proposal Update Form is required for students enrolled in HON 322 who have not completed their Capstone project in the previous semester….