A management committee is elected by a majority of the partners who conduct the operations of the partnership and, by its majority decision, it is empowered to manage all the commercial relations of the partnership, with the exception of those made available exclusively to the partners. General Partnership AgreementThis partnership agreement is concluded between the following persons (enter the date) 🙁 Enter the names and addresses of all partners) the persons mentioned above agree that they have agreed on the start date of this partnership. A Partner shall be free from any liability to the Partnership if, due to force majeure, the Partner is wholing or partially prevented from performing its obligations under this Agreement and the Partner has notified all other Partners of the circumstance of such event with due diligence and has taken all appropriate measures to mitigate such occurrence. A partnership agreement is a formal contract between two or more people who agree to jointly manage a for-profit business. Partnership agreements are needed to define the conditions that will contribute to the settlement of future disputes. Whether you are a contract lawyer or want to enter into a business partnership yourself, you will save time by writing partnership agreements with our free PDF template for partnership agreements. Simply enter all the details of the partnership in this simple form, and your partnership template automatically generates PDFs containing partner information, contractual terms and legally binding electronic signatures. You can download these PDFs of the partnership agreement and send them by e-mail or print copies for future meetings.