In terms of compensation, planning rights and protection, this agreement is considerably better than the final offer presented to our team in the spring and which the government attempted to impose a vote on last summer. After two years and eight months of negotiations, four final offers, petitions, picketing, a final offer rejected by a legal challenge, complaints about unfair labor practices and a final round of 28-hour negotiations, our negotiating team reached an agreement with the Treasury Board/CBS on Tuesday morning from 11:00 a.m. Our FB negotiating team unanimously recommends the ratification of our new agreement. Collective Agreement: Canada Border Services Agency – FB Group The labour agreement signed on Tuesday morning contains substantial improvements to our collective agreement, demonstrating the strength and solidarity of PSAC/CIU membership at the CBSA. Our three-year agreement includes: we also discussed our proposal to extend protection against the cumbersome management of the CBSA in our dealings with our members, including discipline and arbitrary removal of defence equipment. In our collective agreement, there will have to be new safeguards on these issues. In accordance with all other Treasury Board regulations, this interim agreement provides for the elimination of severance pay for employees who leave or retire. Under the new interim agreement, severance pay will continue to be paid if you are made redundant and do not accumulate otherwise. Any funds currently due to you under the current severance package provisions would be paid or could be transferred for future use.

Workers continue to accumulate severance pay until the collective agreement is formally signed. No other group on the Treasury Board has held as long as the FB negotiating team has done to maintain the benefit of our severance pay or to get something we have done. With respect to salaries, our review of recent law enforcement pay agreements is underway across Canada – including our follow-up to contract negotiations on a first collective agreement for RCMP officers. Our position has always been to cross-reference FB 3s with 1st Class Constables. In recent rounds of negotiations, we have always reached agreements with total and retroactive wage increases for our members.