Note: All transmission agreements are PDF and require an Adobe Reader to display. It can be downloaded for free from Adobe`s website. Joint agreements (also known as transfer agreements) have been developed to facilitate the process of transferring students from the Community to UMass Lowell. We have agreements with public and private community colleges in Massachusetts, as well as with other countries and countries. These transfer agreements are specific to university programs, and you are encouraged to work closely with your community transfer advisor. Bunker Hill Community College is dedicated to building partnerships with bachelor`s universities. Transfer agreements are partnerships between universities and universities that can help transfer classes attended by students to Bunker Hill. These agreements are also intended to help students move from BHCC to another institution smoothly. Transfer Services offers information sessions, workshops and individual transfer appointments to help students understand the procedures and requirements of different transfer agreements. Bunker Hill encourages students, primary and research schools and universities to plan to properly assess their admission requirements and university programs to make informed decisions about their transfer goals. Here are the active transfer contracts with UMass Lowell: Below, the transferarulation agreements between Bunker Hill and other bachelors. To register for the transfer planning workshop, please visit

Emerson College has admission agreements with several community colleges in the area. These agreements set guidelines for students interested in moving to Emerson. Below is a list of participating colleges: Emerson has articulation agreements with miami Dade College (MDC) and Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC). These agreements allow MDC and BHCC students to maximize the number of credits they can transfer to Emerson. MDC and BHCC students interested in admission to Emerson through an articulation agreement are encouraged to contact Lisa Yaeger at lisa_yaeger during her first year of study. Massachusetts community colleges also have relationships with many private colleges and universities in New England and beyond, so transmission has never been easier. These agreements are intended to help students obtain their bachelor`s degrees in certain fields. As always, consult your advisor to make sure you keep a track to qualify for one of these programs if you intend to transfer. Are you ready to explore your study options? Find your program today. So if you`ve done well and want to make sure your strong performance stays on the drive even after the transfer, you`re in luck.